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Mold A-002(china mould manufacturer)

It's around 30 thousand different scale mould manufacurer and mould builder in china, and more than 1 million people work in these china mould maufacturer and china mould builder, most of them are professional works, and the annual output of mold nearly 1,500 billion yuan, output over billions of these china mould maufacturer and china mould builder than 40 companies, output from 50 million to 100 million yuan of medium-sized enterprises have dozens, Value of about 20 million china mould manufacturer and china mould builder account for a large proportion.


fan mould made by china mould manufacturer and china mould builder


Name of Product: fan

Mould Type: plastic injeciton mould / 2 plate mold / fan mould

Mould Description: the structure of fan mould is not complicated, so the design and engineering is very fast, but the manufacturing and fitting is very import, because the parting line and surface is complicated for this fan mould, so it need pay more attention to manufacture and fit it. this fan mould is made by professional china mould maufacturer and china mould builder Exceed Mold.

Exceed Mold have made a lot of fan mould for our Taiwanese and Japanese customers, some of the mold are producing in our factory and some of them are exported to aborad, we are professional in all kinds of different fan mould, and we are try to be the best china mould manufacturer and china mould builder for fan mould.